Matt Kilbourne

This is another special piece of music that I have written in my eight years of playing guitar.  

It was probably the second song I ever wrote.  I remember picking up my acoustic, (at the time, a shitty Ibanez acoustic guitar) and strumming the E chord.  What I love doing with chords is singling out certain individual notes and seeing where that can take my imagination.  In this case, the two strings from the E major chord I finger pick in the first half of the song is the A and G string.  I ascend up the neck of the guitar in a pattern that is most beautiful to my ear.  

It’s one of my most cherished and well written songs.  I hope you enjoy.  

Procrastination at it’s finest. 

I wrote this song right after my final exam during the fall term at Queen’s.  I have wanted to put some sort of version down, but didn’t get the chance to until yesterday.

The chords used in the main chord progression are one of my favourite type of shapes for major chords.  In the main progression, I hit the root note before the other three strings on the chord in order to give it a two dimensional feeling (root note mimics a bass).  The reversed track was inspired by John Frusciante’s solo work, many which contain reversed solos (the solos for RHCP’s ‘Give It Away’ contain reversed solo tracks).  The other layers were written in the time in between I wrote the main progression and when I recorded them yesterday.  

I feel like it’s a good exercise to write a part that you really really love, and let it bounce around in your head for a day, week or month to really wrap your mind around the notes and feel of a piece.  For example, the final layer in which I pick individual notes on the top three strings, were written two months after I wrote the chord progression.  They fit beautifully with the main progression, even though the sound quality is not the best (thanks GarageBand).  

If anybody is reading this, I hope you enjoy.  The song is called ‘It’s Not Over’ - which refers to my father’s situation.  

A great photo by a great photographer

A great photo by a great photographer